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No More Headaches

"I originally started to see Dr. Green because my lower back was bothering me. After my initial consultation, I also informed him that I was a long time migraine sufferer. He came up with a plan to not only eliminate my lower back pain, but also my migraines. Since going to see Dr. Green I can honestly say that I feel like I'm cured. My lower back does not hurt at all fact, I can pick up and hold my 5 year old daughter, after my family doctor said I would not be able to do that anymore. My migraines are a thing of the past. I was having 3-4 headaches a week and at least 1 migraine a week before, and now, I may have a couple of headaches a month. None of which are intense as they used to be. I've only had 2 migraines since Dr. Green started helping me about 9 months ago. Dr. Green has truly been a blessing to not just me but my entire family since I have been freed from my pains of the past."

--Vanessa A.


Preparing for the Ironman Hawaii Triathlon

"Thanks for all your help over the 3 weeks. The Ironman and especially the Ironman Hawaii requires the athlete to "arrive" at the event in the best possible condition.  People will joke that just getting there is the hardest part as all of the training tears down the body too much. I was barely walking when I limped into your office and I was amazed at how much better I felt right after the first treatment. This injury was really troubling for me to have such an acute event so close to race day. Your diagnosis and explanation of my problem also helped alleviate a lot of the typical athlete's concerns as to whether or not I would be able to compete. It is really great to be able to speak to a medical professional who is also an athlete and understands this dynamic. I don't think I would have been able to continue training and racing without your assistance. Kona was great...the island and the race were incredible... I am very thankful for all your help... Thank you!!! Aloha.

--Shawn B. (Ironman Hawaii Triathlon competitor and triathlon coach)


Nutritional Consulting helped this bodybuilder win First Place

"I was completely blown away by how my body looked when I stepped on stage to compete in June of 2009. Dr. Green helped me reach my full potential of looking the best my body has ever looked in my life.


I was about 4 weeks out of my bodybuilding competition and stressing out. I had way too much belly fat for being so close to the show. I followed everything to a “T” from doing cardio twice a day, following the diet, and intense weight training. My body just stopped changing and did not want to get rid of the excess fat to reach the next level of leanness. I was willing to try anything at this point,


Dr. Green did a nutritional response test on me and figured out my body was not responding to oatmeal (at this time that was the only if any carb I was eating). I switched to sweet potatoes and white rice and sure enough, my bloating quit. He also found that I was Zinc and Magnesium deficient. He recommended a few other natural supplements to help me process the food I was eating and took away half of my cardio. I was amazed in just two weeks I had leaner my lower abdominals were! That was the last body part to come in for me, before my show.


I continued to listen to his regimen and by the time I stepped on stage for that show, I won my weight class! I swear by his method, the body does not lie. He has helped me reach a level of leanness and I feel great at the same time. Thank you so much Dr. Green for taking my body to the next level!"

 --Melissa R. (Professional Personal Trainer and Competitive bodybuilder)




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